Make complicated simple


Flexible Rules Engine

Easily customise the booking engine to handle your club's booking procedures and rules without a single line of code being written.

No need for a risky custom software development project.


The sky is the limit

Clubman is simple yet powerful. If your club's needs are simple, so are we.

Clubman was also built to handle the most complicated booking rules from day one.

Lots of different membership classes? They all have different booking rights and rates? Multiple lodges with different rates? Multiple rates depending on the time of year? Different booking rules depending on when the booking is being made?

No worries.


Changes with you

When your rules or procedures change you can update them without needing to contact the developer.

You're in control.

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Free Trial

No fees, no credit cards, no strings attached. Set up a free trial for your club and see exactly how it all works.

Note: This is for club administrators to sign up for a trial of the system.

If you are the member of a club already using the platform, contact your membership or booking officer to get access.


Book a Demo

We'll set up a time to talk about your club and your needs. Then we'll give you a guided tour of Clubman and see how it can all fit together.

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Download a Brochure

Download a PDF brochure you can look through and share with your club committee.

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Membership Database

Keep all your member information in one place.

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Booking Engine

The best club booking system on the market.

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Easily keep in touch with your members.

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Your club needs a system that won't let you down at the critical moment.

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Clubman's Rules Engine allows you to customise your booking processes.

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Clubman is the modern experience your members expect. Book and pay from any device.

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