Can members book from a phone or tablet?

Of course! Clubman is modern software, designed to work from any device.

Do you support multiple membership types?

Yes, you can have as many classes as you like. Each class has it's own annual membership fee and bed tarrif.

Can we run our annual subscriptions through Clubman?

Yes, invoicing all members for their subs takes less than a minute. Just select your due date and hit send. Every fee-paying member gets an invoice via email with the annual fee relevant to their particular class. You can even offer early bird discounts to encourage timely payment.

Can members who haven't paid their subs be blocked from making bookings?

Yes, it's simple to configure a rule preventing any member with an overdue balance from making bookings.

What kinds of limits can we place on member bookings?

How long is a piece of string? Clubman's configurable rules engine is designed to make it simple to reflect whatever rules your club has. Minimum stay durations, maximum numbers of consecutive nights, limits on number of guests, caps on number of nights during peak periods that change over different booking rounds, it's all no problem. All this and more is possible through configuring rules in Clubman, without a single line of custom code needing to be written.

Can we have different rates for different seasons?

Clubman supports an unlimited amount of periods during a season which can have different tarrif rates and different booking rules. You can also have different prices for weekends and weekdays, offer discounts for longer stays and much more.

Do you support multiple booking rounds?

Absolutely. Clubman's rules engine can be configured to support an unlimited amount of rounds with different entitlements for different membership classes. This can include limits on types of members that can book, whether associates can be brought as guests, the number of nights each member can book and much more.

Can members book a particular room?

By default, no. In most clubs, members book the right to a bed for the night. It's then up to the booking officer to arrange the guests into the lodge's rooms according to the club's policies and to make best use of the available space. Clubman has a simple yet powerful set of room allocation tools to make the booking officer's job as easy as possible. Assignments can be re-arranged by the booking officer at any time.

Can Clubman cope with the load when our booking round opens?

Clubman happily handles hundreds of bookings per _second_ under load testing. Two of the 3 biggest clubs in Australia are happy Clubman clients.

What information can the membership database hold?

Anything you like. On top of the standard fields you can configure an unlimited amount of custom fields to hold member information. These can be editable by the members, editable by admins but visible to members, or visible to admins only.

How do payments work?

Members pay directly through Clubman via credit card or bank transfer. The payment is immediately reflected against their booking or charge. The money goes from the member's card or account to your club's account on the payment processor, Stripe. Each day, Stripe bundles up the cleared payments it has received and transfers them to your club's nominated bank account in a lump sum.

How can our bookkeeper or treasurer reconcile the accounts?

Clubman's Payout report makes it simple to trace the lump sums that appear on your bank statement to the individual member payments that make them up. You can view this data via the Clubman website or export via CSV. Say goodbye to poring over bank statements trying to decipher the reference text members have typed in!

Where is Clubman hosted?

Clubman is hosted in Google's Sydney datacenter making use of the very latest in cloud technologies. The service is fully self-healing meaning that even if a server crashes, it is immediately and automatically replaced by a new one.


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