Fill your beds


Flexible Rules Engine

Clubman's Rules Engine allows you to configure your club's booking procedures, no matter how complex they may be.

We will help you set up your rules in our simple point and click interface of Rules, Triggers and Actions. You can change and update your rules at any time.

The Rules Engine means that no custom code is required to implement your club's rules.


Bulletproof bookings

No matter how busy your lodges, Clubman can handle it. Take on opening weekend without breaking a sweat.


Multiple Lodges

Configure an unlimited amount of lodges with different bed costs and capacities.

No matter how big or small your club, Clubman is right for you.


Easy reporting

Clubman and Stripe work together to allow you to download a detailed booking report any time.

Easily get data on every booking in every lodge. Effortlessly reconcile bank transactions back to individual bookings.


Availability at a glance

Clubman's availability chart makes it simple for you and your members to see what's availble in all lodges.

The availaibility chart can easily be embedded in your club's website.


Simple payment

Your members can make a booking and pay via credit card in just a few clicks.

Put an end to messy manual reconciliation and credit management.